The Good Shepherd and Suffering

Our church family dove into the text of John 10 yesterday and understood what Jesus meant when He said He was the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18). There were a few things that I personally took away from that message. A common assumption about sheep is that their actually pretty stupid; [...]

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The Miracle of Our Mission

It’s more than just a little blue house. Since the early 1980s, IsleGO Missions has been partnering with churches like Illuminate Community Church to bring shelter to impoverished families in Jamaica. More than 220 homes have been built -- many close in proximity to each other -- creating de facto [...]

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The Productivity “Secret”

Right out of the gate, Jesus, in the first chapter of Mark demonstrates His supernatural power and divinity. When He's baptized the "heavens tear open" (1:10), a booming voice from the sky proclaims His arrival (1:11), He rebukes and casts out demons (1:25), and He heals almost an entire town of its [...]

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Philosophy of Worship at Illuminate

I’m thankful to be one of the pastors here and praying for God to continue to grow a depth to our worship. We as a family are eager to get to know more of you in the coming weeks, and are praying that God will continue to give us favor [...]

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How Should We Respond To the Refugee Crisis?

I, (Jason) recently read an article taken from an address given by David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, to The Gospel Coalition's Council in May 2016. Platt gives five Biblical truths and then asks the question, "What shall we do in light of these truths?"   FIVE BIBLICAL [...]

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Are You Too Thankful

I came across this blog post by one of my favorite pastors and authors. Paul Tripp gives us a really insightful perspective as we approach Thanksgiving and the holidays. Be sure to hit up the application questions on the bottom and let this devotional sink in even more. Enjoy! Jonny [...]

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Seeing Through God’s Eyes

The following article is taken from "Compelled: Living the Mission of God" by Ed Stetzer & Philip Nation. Paul gives us his perspective of ministry and mission in 2 Corinthians 5:14–21 - he indicated he was compelled by love. He wrote this letter to a struggling church that was living out [...]

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Solving Homelessness Takes A Community

On Monday, August 8, an unprecedented occurrence happened—the City of Phoenix required people to enter into a lottery for Section 8 housing. The 10,000 people drawn from the lottery got put on a waiting list for openings. This is how hard it is to get affordable housing in Phoenix. Many [...]

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