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At Illuminate Community Church, Community Groups offer a safe and supportive environment for discipleship by encouraging spiritual growth and genuine fellowship in Jesus Christ.

We believe joining a Community Group that meets regularly and is dedicated to a like-minded community of men and women who share the same passion for being disciples of Jesus is the most effective way to experience spiritual transformation and growth. To help our groups thrive, we prioritize a culture of love, trust, grace, humility, and support for each other. This culture encourages building up believers through spiritual formation in discipleship.

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Common questions about Groups at Illuminate:

A Community Group at Illuminate Community Church is a home-based Bible study group that welcomes men and women of all ages (14 or less). It’s a place where our people forge deep, authentic relationships, fully known and experience the grace and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

A Community Group is a small Bible study of up to 14 men and women in a home setting, all working towards a life together as disciples of Jesus Christ. Small Groups vary in size, age, gender, study, and location within different ministries.

A Community Group provides a group-based environment for discussing scripture, life application, and spiritual growth in discipleship. The focus is on applying Biblical principles in our daily lives while building relationships that help us grow in discipleship. On the other hand, a Bible Study is more teacher-led, where individuals listen and learn more like a class. The goal of Bible Studies is to enhance a person’s knowledge of the Bible and its teachings. In contrast, Community Groups offer a more relational environment to apply this knowledge and mature in faith with others.

Community Groups meet at homes throughout the area, meeting at various days and times; most meet on a specific day of the week for the first three weeks, taking the fourth week off.

Some groups have childcare, some do not. This information is listed through the Group Finder.

Please reach out to Chris Edgmon, our Groups & Enrichment Pastor at to schedule a time to discuss leading a Community Group at Illuminate.

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