Jason Fritz - April 14, 2019

A Tale Of Two Entries

This Sunday is traditionally known by Christians as "Palm Sunday." Palm branches were laid before Jesus as he rode a donkey into the city of Jerusalem. Crowds cheered. Jesus was hailed as the king who saves - "Hosanna!" But people are fickle. By the end of the week some of these same fans will shout, "Crucify him!" What happened? It's all about expectations. People want heroes and champions. They want to be on the winning team. They want to be associated with the high and mighty not the weak and lowly. A crucified messiah was unexpected and therefore rejected. On the other side of town there was another triumphal entry. Yes, there were actually two that took place. Pontius Pilate rode into Jerusalem on a war horse. He led an army of troops dressed in brilliant battle gear. The sound of the drummer could be heard beating out the foot soldier's cadence. It was a show of force and power. As the Governor of Judea Pilate worked for the Emperor Augustine and Augustine was considered a god. So then, Pilate was considered the son of god. The crowds would be forced to decide. Do I follow the one who comes in humility or do I follow the one who comes in power? Most are drawn to power. Christians are drawn by sacrifice. Every day people make the choice to choose power and might over sacrifice and love. They make the choice to choose “the way we think things should be done” over “the way God intends them to be.” They make the choice to exchange a fake son of god for the real Son of God. What kind of king do you expect? The fact is, God is much bigger than you think he is. The one riding a donkey was far more powerful than the one riding a war horse. Believe it! God can deal with all your doubts and your failures, he’s the creator of the universe and he has sent his son to be the sacrificial king that captures your heart.

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