Jason Fritz - September 29, 2019

Who Is God?

If there was ever a question in which I felt totally inadequate to give meaning it would be this: Who is God? In our culture if you asked ten different people this question you would probably get close to ten different answers. Everything from, "He's the big guy upstairs" to "he doesn't exist." It’s not just that understanding God is complex; it turns out that this God himself is also extremely complex. And yet he is also knowable.

The story of the Bible describes a God who wants to connect with his creation in a genuine partnership to reveal the divine purpose and plan. And so when God appears to people in the Bible, it’s both understandable to them (people can see, hear, and interact with God as a person), but it also breaks their categories at the same time. The Bible calls God transcendent and the author of all reality as we know it. Any knowledge that we have about such a being will always be limited and partial because a Creator by definition is above and beyond that which is created. So as we begin to answer this question we should afford God the same treatment as we would want. If you ask, "Who is Jason Fritz?" I would like to speak for myself.

So let's let God speak for himself. That's exactly what he does in Exodus 34:4-7. Read it and then breathe a sigh of relief. This is the God you want and need and he has a name - Yahweh!

From Series: "ROOTED - Growing Deeper"

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