Jason Fritz - September 8, 2019

Order in the Church


Last week I ordered a table from Amazon. When it arrived I opened the box, dug out the assembly instructions and got to work. Four legs attached to the top with metal crossbars. Super easy, right? An hour later I was losing my religion. Out of frustration I went to Amazon's reviews and discovered that every part of the instructions were completely wrong. Here's a quote from a guy who said he got drunk after figuring out the right way to do it…"Whoever wrote these instructions has never seen this $*&% table."

Rules and order are important things. If you can imagine a highway without any limits, signs, or pavement markings then you get the idea of what worship was like in the Corinthian church. It was chaotic and out of control. Christians gone wild and abusing spiritual gifts. Both men and women were in need of correction. So Paul gives it. He does so in the most meaningful way by reminding them there are roles and order within the Godhead. Additionally, Paul tells us that spiritual gifts are not the most important thing; the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. In order for the Gospel to come to you Jesus had to play his role and he was faithful. So then, none of us has any excuse to ignore our roles.

From Series: "Aligned"

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