Jason Fritz - September 15, 2019

The Meaning of The Resurrection

I love the honesty of the Scriptures. There's no doubt as to the importance of the resurrection of Christ. In 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 Paul lists eight results of a still dead messiah…

1. Our preaching is useless.
2. Your faith is useless.
3. We are false witnesses.
4. No dead will ever be raised.
5. Your faith is futile.
6. You are still in your sins.
7. All who have trusted in Christ are lost.
8. We are to be pitied more than all men.

In other words, you can't have a living faith with a dead savior. Paul attests to a living savior when he states that several hundred people at once saw the resurrected Jesus. Many of these people were still alive when Paul wrote. A skeptic could have investigated for himself. Additionally, it was foretold in detail by the prophets in the Old Testament. The evidence is overwhelming. We understand this means Jesus has power over death and he will extend that power to us when we die. But what about now? What does the resurrection mean for our daily lives on earth? Paul tells us what it meant for him - fearlessness. Every day he put his life on the line because he was assured of the final outcome - eternal life. The overwhelming love of Jesus as demonstrated by his death, burial and resurrection made Paul fearless.

Let me ask you – do you see yourself growing in fearlessness? Technology has made us safer. Luxuries and comforts make us safer. Can I encourage you to pursue little courageous victories? Overcome your fear of rejection and identify yourself as a Christian. Confront your fear of humiliation which leads you to anger or revenge. Face your fear of loneliness which leads you into unhealthy relationships. Release your fear of losing control and give your life in serving others. The resurrection of Jesus Christ absolutely slays your fears. If they are not being killed then you are not being obedient. Maybe you’re afraid to commit to a small group, to serve or to be generous. This is not all there is so you don’t have to live in fear. Jesus was resurrected and you will be too so let's live today in light of eternity!

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