Jason Fritz - April 26, 2020

Another In The Fire!

The story of Daniel is the story of worship. In our lives today, there is a constant battle for our worship's attention. King Nebuchadnezzar commanded all people in his kingdom, including those in high and low esteem, to bow down and worship the golden image when they heard the sound of the musical instruments being played. The strategy of the enemy is at all costs to get us to look away from the Lord to a “golden image” of our circumstances, and be ensnared in the “sound” which creates an atmosphere of fear, panic and confusion around us. Daniel and his friends had determined to look upon God and tune out the sounds. "We will not bow down!" This would come with a great threat. The king was angered, the furnace's fires were made hotter and Daniel's friends were tossed in. But God can take the fires of the enemy and turn them against himself. Nebuchadnezzar saw a fourth man walking in the flames alongside these young men. He describes him like this, "looking like a son of a god." Isn't that interesting? This is the way the gospel writers describe Jesus: the God-man. Jesus always walks with us in our fiery trials. His presence will make the fire of our trials something supernatural and situations will turn around from hopeless to hope-filled and beyond! This is why we worship Him, for He alone is worthy!

From Series: "For Such A Time As This!"

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