Jason Fritz - January 12, 2020

Heart For The 1

As we look into the new year I’m mindful of all the things that make for a healthy church. Certainly at the top of that list is evangelism. After all, this is the reason why Jesus came. John 3:16 tells us that evangelism is the ultimate act of love. Healthy things grow and growing things change so if Illuminate does not see the transformation of lives by the gospel then we’ve missed everything. We should be more concerned with reaching the lost than pampering the saved. Once again Jesus is our example. Beginning this Sunday we embark on a journey with Jesus as he reveals his heart for those who don’t yet know him. The parable of the lost sheep tells it all and I’m reminded of those “Missing Children” flyers. You might spend a few seconds looking at those little faces and perhaps you say a quick prayer that they’ll be found before tossing it in the trash. But what if it was your children? You wouldn’t rest until they are in your home. There’s a sickness inside of your stomach until they return. This is the heart of God for all those who are not yet in his home. We are God’s search and rescue party. So will you pray with me as we ask God to give each one of us his heart for the lost?

From Series: "99 + 1"

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