Jason Fritz - January 19, 2020

The Prodigal Sons

We have heard it said many times, “God loves you.” But for whatever reason it doesn’t always stick. This is why Jesus spoke in parables. Storytelling captures the imagination and the heart. Jesus was the master teacher. Luke 15 contains three stories that reveal God’s love for all people. The last story is the famous “Prodigal Son.” There is however more than one prodigal son in the story. The younger brother is well known but the older brother has just as much to teach us about ourselves and God. Both sons attempted to get at dad’s wealth. One by being bad and the other by being good. The older son did everything right, but why? So he too can get at the father's money. These boys are lost, each one trying to exploit the father in different ways. The father is gracious and merciful to both. If you say, “I've done everything right and I see others being blessed more than me and now I’m mad!” then you are going to have to slay your deadly goodness. Be moved by the love and compassion of God who says, “I don’t need your righteousness, you need to accept mine.” Return to the one who can satisfy your soul.If you say, “I will earn my way back to God after all the wrongs I’ve committed!” then you are going to have to give up your efforts. God doesn’t need them because Jesus already satisfied them.

From Series: "99 + 1"

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