June 30, 2020

Illuminate Family, in keeping with my encouragement a few weeks ago to “remain flexible so we don’t get bent out of shape” we are making a few adjustments in response to Governor Ducey’s latest Executive Order limiting group sizes to 50 or less. No one is more frustrated than me to have to limit our gatherings like this and although churches are exempt from the ruling, the Elders and Pastors want to do our part to service our community by complying with this request.  So starting this weekend we will limit our RSVP’s to 50 through July. We will continue to put great effort into our online services and encourage all of our families to engage with us online or in small groups together. I’m so glad Jesus told us that He is the one who builds His church and the gates of hell will not prevail. I’m pretty sure COVID can’t compare with hell (although it feels like it) so we are in good hands. Continue being the Light to your neighbors and friends!

Much love,

Pastor Jason

Hey Church Fam! We are excited to share with you the details of resuming our live on-campus services on Sunday mornings! You may not be ready for that yet and THAT’S OK! You can continue to watch our services online LIVE on Sundays or ON-DEMAND throughout the week, or in your home with “watch parties” with neighbors, friends, or your Community Groups. But if you are ready to come back to the campus, here is the plan!

To help facilitate social distancing we have reduced the number of chairs in the Worship Center. We are using a simple RSVP system for the next month or so to help us prepare for everyone. Available now (button below) and it simply asks for your name, phone number and email along with how many adults and/or kids will be joining us. We understand things come up last minute so you can alter your RSVP up to 15 minutes prior to service. We will also have additional seating in our High School room if anyone comes but we are already at capacity.


You can park in the same places you always have. No changes, but you will see some friendly faces holding WELCOME BACK signs. We may have masks on, but believe us, we are smiling underneath those masks!

As you probably have heard, the Mayor of Scottsdale has made an “emergency declaration” requiring masks in public places. Pastor Jason, the elders, and staff will honor that declaration and ask that all people who attend our Sunday services wear a mask the entire time they are in our building (unless you have a medical exemption for wearing masks). We know this is an inconvenience and can be uncomfortable. We would love to have you join us on campus, but we totally understand if you would prefer to watch our services online or with others in the community in your home. Join us as we continue to “be the light” in our community.

Being friendly and welcoming has always been a big part of Illuminate; that will not change. You will see friendly greeters welcoming you back and holding open doors. For your safety and ours we will be keeping our distance and not shaking hands, but believe us, we are SO glad you came.

For safety reasons, we will not be offering our normal food and drink options on Sunday mornings for now. However, we will provide water bottles, and as always you are welcome to BYOB! Also, things might look a little different as we have rearranged and removed some of the furniture to help with social distancing.

You can pick your own seat as always! We have just finished cleaning the carpets and sanitized the chairs. We have also taken out about half our chairs and rearranged our rows to help facilitate social distancing. You can sit with your family or friends, but our friendly ushers will be “reserving” two seats on either side of each seated party to help facilitate social distancing. You may be asked to move a seat or two if it helps facilitate better seating. We will not be handing out bulletins for announcements or notes. You can still find all announcements and the ability to take notes on our app. If you have not yet downloaded it, search “Illuminate Community” on your mobile app store. When the service is over, hang tight because we will dismiss by rows to make exiting out the back doors easier.

They are welcome to come with you and join you in the Worship Center! We are continuing to work on how we can keep our kids safe and give them the best experience possible. We are preparing to start our Children, Youth and SHINE ministries on Sunday mornings sometime in July. However, if you bring your kids with you on Sunday, we will have the ‘HUDDLE during Service’ printed and ready for you! We will also be offering ‘Busy Bags’ for various ages to help keep them occupied while in the Worship Center. For those with littles ones that might be fussy or need to get out we will have designated classrooms as ‘Cry Rooms.’ Contact kids@illuminatecommunity.com or find a staff member in the lobby for more details. If you are not comfortable with this, you of course can continue to engage with us online. You can find all of our resources on our kid’s page!

We have been working hard to be ready for you to come and experience church service in person, when you are ready. Here are a few other things you might want to know:

  1. We have enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures throughout our building.
  2. We replaced the bathroom faucets with touchless ones and have added additional cleaning supplies. We will also have regular cleaning protocols in place for during and after services.
  3. Our drinking fountains will not be operational for your safety.
  4. We have placed extra sanitizing stations throughout the building along with several mobile stations.
  5. We will not be setting up tables, chairs, or games in The Lot to help with social distancing.
  6. All pencils and cards from the back of the chairs have been removed.

That’s about it for now. As you can imagine, things are fluid and may need to change so remember what Jason said a few weeks ago, “Blessed are the flexible for they will not break!” Whether you continue to engage with us from home, with your community group, or here on campus, WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

If you have any questions or comments, please email our Executive Pastor Dana Erickson at danae@Illuminatecommunity.com.

We love you!
Illuminate Leadership


We want to pray with you

God has given us an incredible team of volunteers and pastors who are here and ready to pray for you. If you’re in need of prayer, for any reason, click on the button below, text us at 480.678.2284, or email your prayer request to care@Illuminatecommunity.com.

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We want to help you

We want to provide you, your loved ones, the church, and the community with spiritual, emotional, and physical support. If you or someone you know is hurting or facing emotional or spiritual challenges, call or text our care hotline at 480.678.2284, or email us at care@illuminatecommunity.com. We have a team of grace-filled folks standing by to help, love, and encourage you.

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We want you to shine

Christ has called us the light of the world and the salt of the earth. As God’s people, we are to love God and shine the light of His love to our neighbor. We encourage you during these days to knock on 8-10 of your neighbors’ doors, ask them how they are doing, if you can pray for them, and if they would be interested in joining the online worship this coming Sunday.  Then email us (care@illuminatecommunity.com) with your stories and requests for care based upon your conversations. Please respect people and their space by following the CDC’s “social distancing” procedures. We recommend standing further back after knocking on their door, or getting creative by leaving notes on doors.


With supplies and encouraging notes.

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