We are going through a remodel that Only God can orchestrate.

Throughout the last couple of years, Illuminate Community Church has embarked on an initiative called “Bigger Smaller Deeper.” This was created with the purpose of expanding our building to accommodate all those God is bringing through our doors. This means more people hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These efforts are coming to fruition as we begin a significant remodel and we thank you for your faithfulness both financially, and through prayer and support. This wouldn’t be possible without your willingness to advance God’s Kingdom. The best is yet to come!

Watch the update video to see where we are in the remodel process!

Here’s some frequently asked questions:

Please see this map for new Kids check-in area (birth – 4th grade). We will continue to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for our Illuminate Kids!

Club 56 (5th and 6th grades) will continue to meet Sunday mornings at 11:00 in the TTI building which is the building directly West of Illuminate. 7th-12th grades will continue to meet Sunday evenings at 6:00pm in the Worship Center

You will be able to access the Worship Center through the double doors on the South side of the building.

The indoor restrooms will not be accessible during the remodel. Temporary restrooms will be set up outside on the West side of the building (kids will have designated restrooms inside the building).

The remodel will happen in phases. We are now underway phase 1 which includes an overhaul of the Kids Ministry area, and the main lobby area.

The offering boxes have moved to the back of the Worship Center, behind the curtains, near the back doors. You can always donate online at illuminatecommunity.com/give

There will be future volunteer work days that are to be decided, but in the mean time, you can always give at illuminatecommunity.com/give

Here’s a sneak peek of what

the new Kids space will look like.

Have more questions? Reach out to us!